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Born To Die
Back To Land
Bite My Tongue
A Game Of Passion
Manana Forever
Broken Brain

King Khan and the Shrines - Born To Die | Music video for the single -Born To Die- of the band´s latest album release.

Rummelsnuff - Brüder | First music video we did for musician and fellow artist Rummelsnuff in 2010. Released on the CD/DVD "Brüder/Kino Karlshorst";

Wooden Shjips - Back To Land | Music video we did for san franciscon psych rockers Wooden Shjips in 2013.

King Khan & The Shrines - Bite My Tongue | Music video for King Khan & The Shrines "Bite My Tongue“. The video was filmed on Easter Sunday 2012, the perfect day to resurrect the Big J in all his miraculous glory.

King Khan & The Shrines - Darkness | Music video for King Khan & The Shrines -Darkness- starring two characters of our mystery series -Circus-.

Meyoko - A Game Of Passion | Interview we shot for fascineshion.com about berlin based artist „Meyoko“.

Bonaparte - Manana Forever | Animated music video from 2012 for trash punk band Bonaparte.

Rummelsnuff - Azzurro | Electro punk cover of Celentano´s anthem.

Rummelsnuff - Schiffbruch | Introducing Kuschelsnuff, King Khan, Bela B and Rummelsnuff on an adventurous journey.

Moonduo - Sleepwalker | Music video for san franciscan band Moonduo. Awarded Best Director / Actor BMVA 2013

Temples - Mesmerize | Animated music video for the band´s single of their debut album Sun Structures.

Negative Trip - Broken Brain | It came in the night… Animated clip for swiss electro producer Negative Trip.

Hylas Film is Benjael Halfmaderholz, Michael Amstad, Philipp Halfmann, Volker Langholz, Benjamin Lützow and Dominik Mader. We live and work in Berlin.

Our main project is Circus, a mystery stop motion series. Other projects include music videos, commercials and other fictions.

"Circus" is our main project. It is planned as a mystery stopmotion series. The main characters of a travelling circus got stuck in an unfamiliar place. Their efforts to leave become more and more desperate. Slowly they realise that the surroundings are influenced by strange powers.

External links: http://hylas-circus.tumblr.com/


c/o Halfmann/Mader

Biebricher Straße 15

12053 / Berlin

write to: post@hylas-film.com

facebook: facebook.com/hylas-film